Copywriting packages for growing businesses

5th January 2016 | Posted in Small business

Making sure the words you use in your marketing are right for you and your target market is vital whatever the size of your business or budget. It’s important to be consistent across all your marketing, from web sites to brochures, direct mail to blogs, newsletters to social media. Every type of content is your […]

14 Tips for Creating your LinkedIn Profile successfully

10th July 2015 | Posted in Small business

When I was asked recently if I included LinkedIn profiles in my portfolio of copywriting skills I demurred. I wasn’t absolutely confident so I turned to Shân Hughes of Plug That Gap who, amongst many other helpful things, provides one-to-one help in getting started with LinkedIn. These are her thoughts. 1. Have a current photo […]

Do you have bragging rights?

19th January 2015 | Posted in Small business

I have a friend who has spent all our offsprings’ childhoods having to ask for lifts because her car is off the road again. Why’s was it always in such a parlous state? Because her husband was a mechanic who was permanently on the verge of servicing her vehicle, but paid work always came along […]

Every business needs to spend time on its marketing as well as delivering service

Going with the flow – copywriting that gets your reader from start to finish

28th August 2014 | Posted in Web content

A quick five tips for you to help you write words that ease your readers through your content right through from the introduction to moving to the next step in the customer journey. 1. Tell a story. Story-telling for brands is high profile right now. But everything we write about our company and our products and […]

Clients, copywriters and correct writing

29th November 2012 | Posted in Editing

Now here’s something I never thought I would write. It’s certainly something that my children would be disturbed to see me say, given their strict use of English upbringing. The truth is I now believe it is possible to be too correct about grammar. This is a bit of a revelation, as I also believe […]

If brands need to be transparent, why pretend about who you are?

17th September 2012 | Posted in Branding

Social media is making business honest, whether it wants to be or not. There are far fewer places to hide. Anyone in any way associated with your brand – customers, employees, partners, competitors, leaders – all have something to say. Disaffected stakeholders can blow the whistle on a company about anything, any time. From a […]

What you need to check on your web copy

28th August 2012 | Posted in Web content

There are still plenty of people in the world who will think less of you and your business if your web site doesn’t read well. So here are a few things to check before you press publish – and again after you have. Are you a “we” or an “I”? Tricky one for anyone who’s […]

Creating high-quality content

16th August 2012 | Posted in Content creation

SEO will bring traffic to your site. Images will attract attention. Yet it’s words that explain what you do, what you can do for your customers, and why people should buy from you. Whether you’re planning to hire a professional copywriter or create content of your own, this guide offers a wealth of advice on […]

Cold-calling business to business

11th July 2012 | Posted in Marketing communications

I’ve just walked in the door from by Women in Business Network meeting. The phone rang so I answered and gave my name. After a pause, a hard-to-distinguish voice asked if I was Mrs Lawrence. Sigh. Yes, I said. “And how are you today?” asked the voice. Sigh. It just so happens I’d just been taking part […]

What do you need from your articles?

10th July 2012 | Posted in Content creation

I have just received such a depressing email. It’s from someone I’ve been following for a couple of years, who really knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. In this message, though, he’s promoting the use of an article writing firm that can deliver articles for as little as one dollar 50, and within […]

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