The content doctor will listen to you now

6th April 2023 | Posted in Web content

One of the benefits of not quite the right prescription for your lenses is that you can read things that weren’t actually there. It can be amusing. Sometimes it’s useful.

This morning I came across someone describing themselves as a text doctor. Only that’s not what they had written – they were a text neighbour. (I know – they’re not very similar but when I say this morning, it was 3am.)

But it immediately struck me that a text doctor is part of my role. Thinking about it further, though, I think content doctor would work better.

People come to me with websites that aren’t doing the job as well as they might. The content needs a check-up from a professional.

What can I do as their content doctor?

I can:

  • Ask questions – listen to the owner’s view of where they’re feeling the pain
  • Carry out an examination – take a good look at how the content looks today
  • Find out more – understand what they want to achieve
  • Consider the options – use my expertise and experience to advise on solutions
  • Set out a plan – agree how the pains can be remedied
  • Take action – work with the owner to address the challenges

Maybe I’m stretching the analogy a bit far. But a content doctor does seem like a good description of the job I’ve carried out for many people.

Copywriting doesn’t have to be about writing from scratch. It’s also about addressing specific problems and looking at continuous improvement for healthy content.

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