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What happens if you forget your audience

18th July 2009 | Posted in Branding

For effective e-marketing, it is hugely important to pitch your message to the needs and knowledge of your audience. Here’s an example of getting it wrong. This invitation was sent to a Yahoo group of “ordinary” individuals who have a high-level interest in statistics to help them with their mutual interest – horse racing. “Dear […]

Is grammar a matter of class?

| Posted in Editing

A contributor to the letters page of a UK national paper at the weekend wrote that he had offered his services as a proofreader to his local Member of Parliament after browsing the MP’s web site. The MP replied by suggesting that concern about grammar over content smacked of a continuation of class war. Now […]

Is your writing really selling your benefits?

| Posted in Web content

One of the most useful phrases I ever had directed at me when I was a graduate trainee in sales and marketing was “So what?”  Sounds a bit offensive, but actually it was great training for roles in both marketing (which I wanted to do) and sales (which the company wanted me to do). We […]

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