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Practical steps to successful case studies

18th March 2011 | Posted in Content creation

I’ve been writing case studies for a long time. Even before I started being called a copywriter, I was a journalist and writing up real-life stories for magazines. Over time I’ve developed strategies for getting the best story down on the keyboard with the minimum of struggle. These are tips from my experience. [But before […]

Is your content repeating on itself?

22nd February 2011 | Posted in Content creation

There’s a common mantra about content, exhorting recycle, repurpose, reuse. A lot of businesses are picking up on the recycle and reuse, but they’re ignoring the repurpose. It’s important. As ever, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Suppose you’ve received a piece of direct mail (print or email) that interests you. You follow the call […]

What’s the point of your newsletter?

15th February 2011 | Posted in Marketing communications

I’ve been working on newsletters for several companies recently, and I’ve noticed a distinct change of approach from the marketing team. Old-style newsletters were generally a hard sell. “You’ve bought this product from us. Now you need add-ons and upgrades to get something even better.” Others were full of company news. It was about the […]

Content that helps the sales process

24th January 2011 | Posted in Content creation

Those immensely knowledgeable people at Marketing Sherpa have provided an insight into using content in the B2B sales process, available for a short time only. Many of the thoughts of their three contributors fall in line with my own experience as a copywriter, so here’s a summary of their discussion, together with some words of […]

Where does good copywriting fit in the modern marketing mix?

29th October 2010 | Posted in Search engine optimisation

If you’re using email, Twitter, Facebook or any other online tool for marketing, does that mean you don’t need perfect writing? Is it now true that the speed at which messages come and go mean that volume is more important than quality? If you opt for fast and furious rather than well-crafted content, you put […]

Want visitors to actually read your web page?

29th September 2010 | Posted in Web content

Text still rules when it comes to attracting attention. Big headlines, short paragraphs and smaller fonts for full content could be the key to keeping readers interested right to the bottom of the page. One of my favourite content gurus, Gerry McGovern, has recently picked up on some Eyeball research about what people look at […]

Express your brand platform with the right words

23rd June 2010 | Posted in Branding

Do you have a set of words that you meaningfully associate with your brand? Do the words help you carve out a niche in the market? Do they really reflect your aims? This is the thinking that we saw on “Mary, Queen of Shops” on UK television last night – using words to express the essence of […]

Over-friendly copy can be a real turn-off for your audience

4th May 2010 | Posted in Branding

As it was a traditionally wet Bank Holiday in England here yesterday, we forsook a visit to the traditional Steam Fair on the village green and took a trip instead to a traditional stately home. This manor house with its origins in the 14th century is owned and managed by a national preservation organisation, which […]

Do you really know what your email audience wants to read?

19th February 2010 | Posted in Marketing communications

Interestingly, it seems that what marketers think is valuable as email marketing content isn’t necessarily what technology buyers want to see. According to report from MarketingSherpa (content available only for a couple of weeks), there’s quite a bit of difference in perception of what achieves clickthrough. Here are a few email marketing suggestions based on their findings: […]

Do you have time for blog writing?

10th February 2010 | Posted in Blogging

We all have good intentions. And certainly producing a blog two or three times a week as recommended by those who know is a pretty major good intention. Finding the time to write and write well is tough. MarketingSherpa has come up with 6 tips to help with blog writing. Not surprisingly, as I’m a professional copywriter, I’m […]

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