Do you have time for blog writing?

10th February 2010 | Posted in Blogging

We all have good intentions. And certainly producing a blog two or three times a week as recommended by those who know is a pretty major good intention.

Finding the time to write and write well is tough. MarketingSherpa has come up with 6 tips to help with blog writing. Not surprisingly, as I’m a professional copywriter, I’m going to pull out the tip that says use a professional freelance writer. Why does MarketingSherpa say this is a good move?

Copywriters can provide consistent quality for an agreed number of posts per month. They will need paying, with experienced writers due higher rates than novices.You can go the route of auctioning the blog writing out to the lowest bidder, but you’ll need to check that your chosen supplier is up to the job.

If you’re using a writer who works on other material for your organisation, such as newsletters or marketing collateral, they’ll already be reasonably familiar with your products and services. Even if they’re not, a good writer can glean valuable information from knowledge and opinion holders with a well-organised telephone interview. Or they can do their own research to pull out industry news on which your experts can comment.

Professional blog writers are just one path to better blogs. The knowledge and the emotion of the content belongs to the experts and leaders within your own organisation. There’s no reason why your blog output shouldn’t be a mix of professionally written blogging and internally written blogs – that are then checked by a writing expert before posting

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