Where does good copywriting fit in the modern marketing mix?

29th October 2010 | Posted in Search engine optimisation

If you’re using email, Twitter, Facebook or any other online tool for marketing, does that mean you don’t need perfect writing? Is it now true that the speed at which messages come and go mean that volume is more important than quality?

If you opt for fast and furious rather than well-crafted content, you put your business credibility at risk. Rapid response is good, but if your writing is unclear, meandering and grammatically challenged, what does that say to your readers about your thinking and your business style?

Content is not as transient as many people think. Everything ever published by or about your business stays in the ether forever, even if you think you’ve deleted it.

So in today’s marketing mix, where does well-written content still count? In the following list, the items marked in red are where I believe that your words need to be properly crafted.

Social media – when you’re always in touch and listening:

  • Email newsletter
  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook fan page

Web and print – your reference content:

  • Web site (optimising for search engines is no excuse for nonsense)
  • Downloads and print: brochures, case studies, fact sheets

Campaigns – often your first contact:

  • HTML emails and direct mail
  • Landing pages and micro sites

Just about everything then.

Whether you’re contacting potential customers for the first time, or maintaining a relationship, poorly written communications will work against the skill of your sales teams and the quality of your products. Taking the time to get it right is important. 

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