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Checking facts for credible writing

16th April 2019 | Posted in Blogging, Content creation, Journalism, Marketing communications

  Once upon a time I was berated in a journalism training class. I’m not often told off for anything, being almost a perfect rule abider and non-risk taker. There was that time in a Body Balance class when I stretched further than was wise, and I vaguely remember my mother not being that impressed […]

Why modesty makes it hard for smaller businesses to write their own words

15th March 2016 | Posted in Small business

You may say this is a sweeping claim – but most people who are selling their own services struggle to write their own promotional copy. Or, quite often, they can write it, but they can’t publish it. Why? I’ve been copywriting for businesses of all sizes for well over 20 years and I’ve seen patterns emerging. […]

Marketing writing for small businesses

Do you have bragging rights?

19th January 2015 | Posted in Small business

I have a friend who has spent all our offsprings’ childhoods having to ask for lifts because her car is off the road again. Why’s was it always in such a parlous state? Because her husband was a mechanic who was permanently on the verge of servicing her vehicle, but paid work always came along […]

Every business needs to spend time on its marketing as well as delivering service

Lessons in e-book writing

20th March 2012 | Posted in Marketing communications

So a group of us with small business skills have got together to write an e-book. (See my previous post on why and how.) I volunteered for role of editor. Why? Because I used to be the editor of a magazine way back when print was king, and I know about project managing collections of articles and […]

Marketing writing for small businesses

11th January 2012 | Posted in Small business

A talk for the Women in Business network Rather than spend 10 minutes talking about what I do for different clients, I thought I would run through some of the issues that I think about when I’m working with customers to create copy for them. These are things that you can think about in your […]

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