What is the value of a case study?

2nd June 2023 | Posted in Case studies

Case studies, customer success stories and references – all part of the marketing armoury, but are they right for you? And if they are, how do you go about writing them? The marketing value of a case study For a customer there’s something very comforting about finding there’s someone or some organisation with similar needs […]

Checking facts for credible writing

16th April 2019 | Posted in Blogging, Content creation, Journalism, Marketing communications

  Once upon a time I was berated in a journalism training class. I’m not often told off for anything, being almost a perfect rule abider and non-risk taker. There was that time in a Body Balance class when I stretched further than was wise, and I vaguely remember my mother not being that impressed […]

Skills for a customer magazine

2nd June 2016 | Posted in Marketing communications

You’re putting together a high-quality customer magazine that you’ll use in print and online as a pdf download. It’s going to include informative articles – perhaps some case studies, hints and tips, and maybe some advance product details. You want it to be something your current and potential customers will find of value. You’ll need […]

Creating customer magazines

Can you believe what you read about health stories?

28th January 2015 | Posted in Mature marketing

  Through my work on When They Get Older I’ve become increasingly aware of the volume of stories around health that appear in most of the British newspapers and on that venerable institution, the BBC web site.  And then there’s all the stuff that gets picked up and passed around social media as truth and […]

What shall we call the elderly, if not elderly?

15th March 2013 | Posted in Mature marketing

So now there’s elderly, and then there’s elderly. Or, to quote AgeUK, the old and the oldest old. The UK charity has just written a report about changes in our society. Today we have so many people living so long that we are coining new phrases to describe the 85+ group. And the oldest old […]

What a difference a conversation makes

18th January 2012 | Posted in Content creation

Tough assignment yesterday. I needed to put together 350 words for an article for an inhouse magazine. Should have been straightforward. I’d been sent reams of background material after all. But …  the slides, press releases, internal emails and even the briefing documents were just chock full of words I thought I knew but clearly had […]

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