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This ‘Do you want to hear from us?’ thing. A bit obvious?

9th March 2023 | Posted in Marketing communications, Mature marketing

A few years ago I applauded one company’s email to ask if I wanted to receive their Mother’s Day marketing. As I was a bit raw from the loss of my own mum, this felt genuinely thoughtful and I reacted positively. Fast forward a few years and they’re all at it. For various reasons I’m […]

Juggling work and multi-generational care

19th August 2015 | Posted in Mature marketing

They call us the sandwich generation. We’ve no sooner stopped being 24/7 parents when we start playing a supporting role in our parents’ lives. That’s hugely simplistic of course. But with more people living longer, there is a very good chance that we will at some stage, possibly for some years, be trying to juggle […]

Can you believe what you read about health stories?

28th January 2015 | Posted in Mature marketing

  Through my work on When They Get Older I’ve become increasingly aware of the volume of stories around health that appear in most of the British newspapers and on that venerable institution, the BBC web site.  And then there’s all the stuff that gets picked up and passed around social media as truth and […]

What shall we call the elderly, if not elderly?

15th March 2013 | Posted in Mature marketing

So now there’s elderly, and then there’s elderly. Or, to quote AgeUK, the old and the oldest old. The UK charity has just written a report about changes in our society. Today we have so many people living so long that we are coining new phrases to describe the 85+ group. And the oldest old […]

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