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How we make our clients’ content work harder

28th May 2013 | Posted in Web content

We’ve been working with a couple of clients recently who have written their own draft web content and just wanted it checked over for spelling and grammar. This is the choice we’ve offered them: a. We will do exactly what they ask. It will take an hour and that’s what we will charge for. b. […]

Case study: Fast web content for a newly merged company

24th September 2012 | Posted in Web content

Here’s the story of a successful copywriting project just completed where speed and knowledge of the industry were vital. The challenge Two service companies had merged and needed to tell the world about their new combined offering. The criteria The requirement was constantly evolving. Working with a new, exciting marketing communications agency, we started on […]

What you need to check on your web copy

28th August 2012 | Posted in Web content

There are still plenty of people in the world who will think less of you and your business if your web site doesn’t read well. So here are a few things to check before you press publish – and again after you have. Are you a “we” or an “I”? Tricky one for anyone who’s […]

A short list. Why brochures don’t work as web copy.

5th May 2011 | Posted in Web content

Deep sighs whenever the clients say they want to use our carefully-crafted brochure copy on their web site. I know it saves them money, but this is why it’s wrong. In a brochure you start at the beginning by showing your understanding of the industry and empathising with the business needs. On the web you […]

Want visitors to actually read your web page?

29th September 2010 | Posted in Web content

Text still rules when it comes to attracting attention. Big headlines, short paragraphs and smaller fonts for full content could be the key to keeping readers interested right to the bottom of the page. One of my favourite content gurus, Gerry McGovern, has recently picked up on some Eyeball research about what people look at […]

Creating web content that supports direct mail

2nd September 2009 | Posted in Web content

When you invite your potential customer to visit your web site for further information, what are you actually offering as content on your site? Are you providing a special landing page, or even a micro site, that is dedicated to drawing the customer further along the purchasing process? Are you truly offering “more information”? To […]

Is great web content being wasted by a terrible buying experience?

18th July 2009 | Posted in Web content

This week I thought it was probably time for a little more direct marketing of my own. So I headed for the site of a list seller that I had used before to check whether they had new offerings that were more relevant to my copywriting business. I had hardly entered the site when I […]

Is your writing really selling your benefits?

| Posted in Web content

One of the most useful phrases I ever had directed at me when I was a graduate trainee in sales and marketing was “So what?”  Sounds a bit offensive, but actually it was great training for roles in both marketing (which I wanted to do) and sales (which the company wanted me to do). We […]

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