A short list. Why brochures don’t work as web copy.

5th May 2011 | Posted in Web content

Deep sighs whenever the clients say they want to use our carefully-crafted brochure copy on their web site. I know it saves them money, but this is why it’s wrong.

  1. In a brochure you start at the beginning by showing your understanding of the industry and empathising with the business needs. On the web you need to be straight in there saying who you are, what you are, and how your customer can benefit from buying from you.
  2. Brochure copy is destined for perusal at leisure. Web copy is a rapid read. Brochure readers can enjoy longer sentences and longer paragraphs. Web readers will not.
  3. Sections in brochures can be long too. Web pages should stay brief.
  4. A brochure tells a story from needs through solution to benefits and buy. Web site navigation needs its own well-thought-out approach.
  5. If you duplicate content on the web and in the brochure, you’ll irritate all the visitors who read the one and then go to the other for more information – and don’t get it.

Re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose is a great mantra. But don’t forget the re-purpose.

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