Case study: Fast web content for a newly merged company

24th September 2012 | Posted in Web content

Here’s the story of a successful copywriting project just completed where speed and knowledge of the industry were vital.

The challenge

Two service companies had merged and needed to tell the world about their new combined offering.

The criteria

The requirement was constantly evolving. Working with a new, exciting marketing communications agency, we started on a brochure, only for that project to be overtaken by a microsite.

Our approach

Although the site was only six pages long, we travelled through 10 or 11 iterations of the copy. Not because they didn’t like the way it was written, but because this gave the client the opportunity to assess and finalise exactly what the offerings were, and the tone they wanted to use. They opted for a friendly and punchy tone that was still professional, making the site very easy to read.

Initially the site was meant simply as a landing place for a campaign to educate customers in the new offerings. However, the client was so delighted with the microsite that it replaced the original site in the short term. Now we’re working with the client and marketing agency to create a fuller site using the same tone, as well as a marketing campaign, reader-friendly white papers, and that original brochure.

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You can find many more case studies showing how Wrightwell has helped organisations of all sizes to create content for web sites, marketing campaigns, sales literature, newsletters and more on our web site.

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