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Is your content repeating on itself?

22nd February 2011 | Posted in Content creation

There’s a common mantra about content, exhorting recycle, repurpose, reuse. A lot of businesses are picking up on the recycle and reuse, but they’re ignoring the repurpose. It’s important. As ever, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Suppose you’ve received a piece of direct mail (print or email) that interests you. You follow the call […]

Content that helps the sales process

24th January 2011 | Posted in Content creation

Those immensely knowledgeable people at Marketing Sherpa have provided an insight into using content in the B2B sales process, available for a short time only. Many of the thoughts of their three contributors fall in line with my own experience as a copywriter, so here’s a summary of their discussion, together with some words of […]

How long’s a good case study?

3rd November 2009 | Posted in Content creation

We’ve written probably hundreds of case studies, and by far the favourite style is the 2-sided A4 sheet, destined to be a handout or a download. We generally settle on a pretty standard format too: introduce the customer, explain their business/technical issues, describe the solution, and then focus on the benefits, now and into the […]

White papers make sales – official

13th October 2009 | Posted in Content creation

It’s easy to dismiss white papers as just a dull necessity for the techies, but latest research shows that they are more influential in buying decisions for technology purchasers than any other piece of collateral. US marketing communications agency Eccolo Media Inc talked to more than 50 American purchasers and influencers, discovering that any kind […]

Repurpose, reuse, revive your content

6th October 2009 | Posted in Content creation

When you’ve sweated blood to get the words right for your corporate brochure, web site, data sheet or any other piece of marketing writing, you want to make that copy work as hard as possible for you. By repurposing your content, you can adapt it to help market your business to your different audiences through […]

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