ChatGTP – am I bothered?

26th January 2023 | Posted in copywriting

First, I must confess, I did try to log into ChatGTP to try it out for myself, but it was over capacity, which seems to be an experience of many.

I am therefore relying on the opinion of others when I say there is some fear that artificial intelligence is about to wrest copywriting from the hands of the humans, and we writers are looking at the end of our profession.

Am I worried?

Hmm, not that much.

I have seen some very good examples of what a robot can produce. But as one critic noted, it’s competent rather than inspired.

Not that every piece of copywriting needs to be inspired. If you’re writing content for articles to be posted on sites mainly to get the link, then competent is fine. (In fact competent is a whole lot better than some of the content that has passed my way as a website editor, but that’s for a whinge another day.)

Copywriting is much more than producing content though. It’s about creating words that help organisations sell through differentiation of their brand, their products and services, their ethos, and the service they deliver.

I believe this is difficult for a robot to do, because this involves conversations with the client. Yes, AI can probably create great little product descriptions by mimicking others on the web, but can it build on a company’s USPs to communicate what makes them different?

It’s the questions I ask and the advice that an experienced copywriter I can give that makes me better.

A copywriter is a consultant as much as a writer. The writing comes last, after understanding what drives the client and what motivates their customers. We have to be clear about how the client’s offering meets the needs and aspirations of the customers. We have to talk about messaging and brand style. Once we’ve had these and other conversations, then we can write.

For the time being then, I’m not too worried about artificial intelligence taking my job. It can certainly have a role, but it’s complementary to my work, not a replacement. For now.



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