14 Tips for Creating your LinkedIn Profile successfully

10th July 2015 | Posted in Small business

When I was asked recently if I included LinkedIn profiles in my portfolio of copywriting skills I demurred. I wasn’t absolutely confident so I turned to Shân Hughes of Plug That Gap who, amongst many other helpful things, provides one-to-one help in getting started with LinkedIn. These are her thoughts.

1. Have a current photo that shows your face – people may make hiring decisions based on this, so no picture or something that is a bit distant or blurred will put people off. (80 pixels by 80 pixels)

2. Have a professional tagline under your name – something eye catching and quirky. This is your big advertisement. Also include all the key search terms that people may be looking for.

3. Make sure your Summary shows people how you can help them – how you have helped others and what you might bring to a new role – are you approachable, fun, experienced, empathetic? Use problem, action and outcome summaries to show how you have helped your business succeed.

4. Make sure your Linked in URL shows your name – not a series of numbers – edit your LinkedIn profile and choose something suitable in Public Profile.

5. Add additional Sections as required. Projects are great to emphasise how you have worked with other people.

6. Link to websites or blogs that show your work – use all the links.

7. This is a complement to your CV. Use keywords that are specific to your industry to improve your chances of coming up in searches and include them in Headline, Summary, Experience, Current Role and Previous Role for maximum impact.

8. Keep your profile updated – any amendment will ensure that you appear in LinkedIn Updates and therefore in connections emails.

9. Don’t be afraid to say you are looking for a new role. How will your contacts know you are looking unless you tell them?

10. Use testimonials sparingly. Too many gets a bit suspicious especially if they are fully reciprocated. Add testimonials to those of your contacts that truly deserve them. Ask those who you know you have done a good job for but avoid a mass mailing.

11. Find jobs – many of which are only advertised on Linked In.

12. Join Groups and participate in discussions. Answer questions and be helpful. This shows you are knowledgeable and experienced in your field. Post sensible questions or answers and develop your credibility.

13. Keep an eye on the updates – if you see a friend has a new position make sure you send a congratulatory note and ask them to think of you if they have any suitable roles going.

14. Use your connections when applying for a job – get connected to the person in the Company you want to work for.

Plug That Gap is based in Surrey, UK and provides business support and expertise. Shân has also written several articles for me at When They Get Older where I’m content director.

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