What do you call your storecupboard content?

25th February 2013 | Posted in Content creation

There’s no escaping content creation if you’re a formerly-known-as-copywriter.  In the last few weeks I’ve become content director for www.whentheygetolder.co.uk, providing helpful tips and support for children of ageing parents and I’ve been involved in a pitch for a content programme for a technology company.

In both cases, we’re aiming to deliver content on the dot, every week. It’s going out in a newsletter as well as being posted on the web. So what we can’t do is miss a week (except Christmas – I’m hoping to give that week a miss).

That means we need in-case-of-disaster content that we can plug in anytime if we suddenly find ourselves with a gap.

I’m calling this storecupboard content, and I think I’ve made that up. Tell me if I’m just plain plagiarising.

These articles need to have just as much value as any other, but they will be timeless, so we can use them at any time. No hooks for particular high days and holidays (and to be honest everyone doing that has become very wearisome). No expiry date on the packet.

I submitted my first storecupboard article this morning. It’s already been shuffled into the schedule for next week to give our junior writer more time on research for another piece. Looks like we need to have at least three or four for every theme or section of the site.

As I’m writing for one of my tech articles, it will be good to get ahead and be in control, rather than working just in time or in total panic mode.

And my aim is to do the same for this blog too. Although of course, my own marketing always falls by the wayside when there’s business to be done.

See you on the other side of the cupboard.

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