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As a journalist, editor and copywriter, I've been working with clients to create powerful marketing copy for over 20 years. Based in Surrey in the UK, I work with global, national and local businesses of all sizes. 

Originally a management sciences graduate of the University of Warwick I trained in sales and marketing and journalism, before moving into the world of freelance copywriting.

I've worked with businesses from the fledgling sole trader to high--flying multi-national conglomerates. Sometimes in partnership with marketing, branding, PR or design agencies. Often in a direct and long-term relationship with marketing departments at organisations of any size. My experience covers B2B and B2C organisations.

I've written about the big subjects like tech, retail, finance and pharma right down to the day-to-day challenges of healthcare, growing old and even choosing bathroom tiles. 

In every case the key is understanding the customer and how you can answer their needs and desires. That's why I'll spend time asking questions to make sure I know exactly what we need to do before I begin to plan and write. And I'll check in with you at every stage to make sure you're happy with the approach, the structure and the messaging.

I'm also co-founder of When They Get Older, a web site offering advice and support to the families of ageing relatives. Having acted as content director for three years I have planned, commissioned, edited and written hundreds of blogs and articles around the health, wealth and quality of life for older people.

I'm always happy to have a conversation about any hellp that you need. Just drop me a line at 




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