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SMEs and growing businesses

SMEs deserve the opportunity to access the skills and knowledge of the corporate copywriter in an affordable way. 

As an established copywriter for all sizes of businesses I’m creating fixed-price packages to help you get the most out of your website, marketing campaigns, newsletters, blogs and more.

And even if there isn’t a package yet, I’m still happy to give you a quote for a project, clearly setting out what is and isn’t included so we all know exactly where we stand.

I understand that owners and managers of smaller businesses may not have a deep understanding of what is possible from their marketing and copywriting. My goal is to enable you to:

·        Understand your target market and why they desire or need what you have to offer

·        Develop branding and marketing messages that will help your business appeal to your ideal customers

·        Create the words for your marketing communications

·        Liaise with your designers and developers to streamline the process and get your experts talking together


Take a look at my first offering - the website Review and Refresh package.


If you’d like to talk about any of your digital or print marketing communications, including brochures, newsletters and blogs, just get in touch through .


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