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Content marketing

The web is groaning under the weight of content with every brand fighting for their place in the spotlight.

Companies with expansive pockets are creating vast quantities of blogs, newsletters, infographics, videos, articles, white papers, case studies, e-books and brochures. And they’re featuring their content in numerous channels – across social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as image-focused services such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Not every business can do all that. So how do you choose? And do you maximise the value of what you do?

I can help you plan and create the content for every stage of your sales and marketing process so that you can make the most of your available time and budget. Different types of content work best at different stages in the pipeline, from interest and awareness through research to making the sale, and I’ll help you create content to deliver at every stage.

To maximise the value of your content, I’ll show you how you can re-use and re-purpose each piece of content you produce. And as a highly experienced wordsmith, I’ll help you create that content.

It won’t be words for the sake of words. As a past editor of independent and corporate magazines as well as the content director for an established blog, I recognise the value of making sure your content is well-researched, well-written and valuable for the target audience.

Choose your plan of action. I can help you evaluate your content potential and build a sensible strategy that can take you forward in promotion of your business.

And you can call on me to create content according to plan on a regular basis. I’ll work with you or your internal subject experts to make your content interesting, useful, fun where appropriate, authoritative and credible.

If you’d like to talk about how you can start delivering high-quality content that people want to read, just get in touch.  


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